Star Wars - Adventures from the Edge

Last time our heroes...

Patrick's recap from the last session

…started their session by leaving Ise’s tattoo shop and going to see Zular at his Scrap Shop. There they inquired about a salvage scanner while Zular told them about some aggressive Zabraks who bullied Runnan into closing the open salvage job. The party acquired a medium range salvage scanner on loan, and left for adventure to the third moon of Quell (more commonly known as Quell 3). Upon arrival, the Windhunter’s sensors are blinded by the mass of debris orbiting around Quell 3. They fix the sensors and eventually identify a few larger ships still relatively intact. Flying the ship towards the large, Desolator-class CIS battleship, the party has a minor run-in with some Vulture-class droid starfighters and is requested to land on the Desolator-class battleship. There, after some serious miscommunication and an escalated situation, the party meets with Sho Varan, a Commander in the Rebel Alliance, who recruits them to assist in the liberation of Quell. Sho asks the party to help by leading a strike team onto the Star Destroyer orbiting Quell working from the inside to take control, disable it, and strip it of as many resources as possible. In return, Sho will provide the party assistance with salvaging the hyperdrive and any other capital ship-grade valuables from the ship crashed on Quell 3. The party excitedly agrees to this proposal. Sho dismissed Dalarann to assist with the revolution on the planet and tells the party to go to the Quartermaster to get any gear needs. The assault is set to take place in one week.


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