Star Wars - Adventures from the Edge

AL's Journey into madness
AL's perspective on the game so far...

We are planning to go to Quell 3, where we may find some good shit to salvage.
Zular or whatever the fuck says Zabraks came by Runnan and roughed him up over giving away the salvage job.
Zular loans us a medium range equipment scanner. We have to bring it back, or something of equal worth.
We hook that sucker up to the Windhunter.
We coordinate a jump to Quell 3.
As we exit hyperspace, we see an orange moon, surrounded by a massive amount of debris, varying in size.
We are in the thick of it, and take evasive maneuvers.
We see chunks of Star Destroyers and frigates floating around, including a Desolator class capital ship from the Federation.
Quell 3 is pockmarked with craters and debris
Using our scanners, we see a massive quantity of fighter remnants and parts.
We approach the Desolator class Federation ship.
We discover active concussion missiles via our scanners within a medium range.
After much debate, we agree to continue toward the Federation ship.
The signals on the scanners are approaching our position.
I climb into the quad laser turret. I listen to the static and sense that there’s a signal being broadcast in binary, hidden in the static.
A voice comes back through the static, telling us to land on Docking Bay 3, and to disengage our guns.
Burr discovers and tells us that the ships are five Vulture-class separatist droid fighters.
We proceed to Docking Bay 3, pass through a ray shield, and the droid fighters resume their patrol.
We see three X-Wings, a Y-Wing, and a Lambda class shuttle in the hangar. A small group of two humans, an Ithorian, a Zabrak, and a Bothan are standing in the bay as well.
We land, the hangar doors close, and we disembark.
I am fully armed and ready.
The Ithorian asks us what we’re doing in this area.
Marn tells him we’re salvaging for Isotech.
The Ithorian doesn’t give a damn, and wants to know why we’re here.
Marn reiterates our genuine intentions.
The Ithorian blames the Zabrak for our presence, and mentions someone named Calo. The Ithorian says we don’t look like Empire.
Marn mentions we’re on the run from the Imperials.
The Ithorian orders his men to search our ships.
Marn insists they won’t find anything worth finding on our ship.
I position myself in front of the entrance to the Windhunter as men approach it. The men tell me they’re still going to search it, and I activate my Vibrosaw.
The Ithorian and Zabrak draw their weapons immediately, and Marn shows them his license to try to diffuse the situation.
The Ithorian points his weapon at Marn, and insists that I be deactivated.
The two guys in front of me are scared and stumble back from the saw,
The Zabrak fires on me, damaging me.
Burr sprints over and tries to deactivate my saw. He tears out a cord or three and deactivates my saw.
Kal drops a smoke grenade and takes cover by the ISO Scout.
Davo draws his pistol and takes cover.
I drop my saw. I sprint at the Zabrak, knocking over Burr and the two humans in front of me on the way. I grab the Zabrak by the front of his clothes, and hoist him up in the air. He drops his weapon.
Marn tells me that these are not our enemies, and I believe him.
The Ithorian calls for reinforcements. The two humans get up and train their guns on Marn.
The Zabrak breaks loose, but injures himself in the process, and lands prone, picks up his gun as he attempts to rise.
I attempt to disarm the Zabrak via force, but he dives under me.
A speeder enters the hangar from one end, and infantry reinforcements approach from another. The Ithorian grabs Marn’s salvage license, and shouts at everyone to cease fire.
I take a Defensive Stance, and orient my clawhand at the Zabrak under me.
The Ithorian examines the salvage license, and doesn’t recognize the illegitimacy of the license, but recognizes that it came from Nar Shaddaa.
The Ithorian says he believes that we aren’t Imps, and asks us to meet them further in the base. He also tells Marn to “Keep your droid in check.”
I tell the Ithorian to keep his Zabrak in check.
He dismisses the Zabrak.
The Ithorian asks that I not be present for the following conversation, but I insist. He says they need to disarm me. I hand off my vibrosword and knife to a human woman.
As we travel further into the ship, we gather a crowd.
We enter a command center, but all the original terminals are deactivated. There’s ramshackle and haphazard electronics strewn around.
Marn and the Ithorian parley, we explain our suspicions and frustrations.
As everyone starts small talking, I interrupt, and ask who they are.
He says his name Sho Varan, commander of operations. We introduce ourselves.
Marn calls himself an Ambassador of the Isotech Corp.
Sho says we might be able to make a deal. I ask what sort of operation they’re running, and he says he’s part of a group fighting against the tyranny of the Empire, we all assume they’re part of the Rebel Alliance.
He tells us they took over the Desolator as a forward operations base for an eventual strike to liberate Quell from Imperial control.
Burr asks if the Star Destroyer patrolling the system has a hyperdrive.
Sho tells us the other Federation ship has an operational hyperdrive.
Marn suggests that in return for helping us with the hyperdrive, we could help them in their fight against the Empire.
Sho insists we liberate Quell first. We’re like, fuck yeah, dude.
The plan is to harvest resources from the Valorous (Star Destroyer), by knocking out coms, take control of the bridge, and vent the troopers into space.
Sho sends us to the Quartermaster to get us supplied for the mission. We leave in a week.



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