Burr Ondonev

Alec's Character


Burr was born and raised on the icy Chiss home world of Csilla, where his technical prowess saw him drafted into the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force at the ripe young age of 14. After a few years he was the head mechanic on an Ascendancy capital ship scouting for colonizable planets in the unknown regions of space. Eventually they happened upon a Terran planet with an indigenous population of sapient, yet underdeveloped, lifeforms. When the order came down to cleanse the planet Burr had a decision to make, and genocide was not in his plan for the day. He locked down the capital ships weapons systems and created a subroutine that would start a self-destruct sequence with any attempt to override the lock down. As punishment for his actions he was exiled and left for dead on the newly discovered planet. Life was hard at first, the indigenous people of the planet had a brutal, war-like culture. Years passed, and he had all but given up hope of ever getting off the planet when an Imperial Star Destroyer showed up in orbit. He knew that this time, the planet would not be so lucky. Using everything he had learned and any local help he could muster he strapped together a makeshift rocket. His time on that hell was ending, one way or another. The imperials were quite surprised to find a race they recognized, and even more surprised when his makeshift ship didn’t fall apart during launch. Burr said nothing this time, as the Star Destroyer targeted and destroyed all major settlements on the planet’s surface. In typical imperial style, Burr’s makeshift ship was tractored into the hanger bay of the Star Destroyer. Fully expecting to be taken prisoner, Burr was surprised when another Chiss pulled him out of his ship. The man was clearly in charge, and introduced himself as Grand Admiral Thrawn.

The Admiral saw that Burr was treated just as any human would have been, he liked the boy, saw great potential in him, and allowed him to enlist in the Imperial Army. A few years passed, it didn’t take long for Burr to find himself as head mechanic again. His tour in the unknown regions eventually came to an end and he was reassigned to a top secret research and development team in the core worlds of the Empire. His main goal was to develop a massive power source, one large enough to power an entire fleet of star destroyers. As he worked on this he became ever more curious as to what the power source was going to be used for, as he knew there was no ship in existence needing that much power. So he started digging, using his master hacking abilities he started to piece together other parts of the project that were unknown to him. The empire was developing a massive laser cannon that would have enough power to destroy an entire planet. Thinking about all of the people he left on that backwater planet to die, his guilt started to eat at him. Burr once again decided to take action, he hacked into the the email server to start piecing together what he was building. It didn’t take long for him to go to set off a few red flags. Just as he pieced together that he was working on he found himself in an imperial interrogation room. Burr knew that something like this was possible, so once again he had a fail safe in place. He had destroyed everything he worked on in the imperial service and sent it to a trusted friend in no way affiliated with the empire. Once again, with the authority being unable to kill Burr because they needed the pans, he found himself being ‘reconditioned’.

Burr Ondonev

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