Kal'nadaar Marishe

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Kal is a pale nikto with facial fins, horns around his black eyes, some facial scars, and a slight but fit body frame. He is not old, but definitely not young.


Kal was born on Kintan to father Mar’koth, mother Irei’s. Kal always had a penchant for exploration, swimming, and a bit of wanderlust. While swimming, he encountered some other nikto outfitted in armor, and armed. Transfixed, he had no idea of the encroaching scout behind him.

The next time Kal’s eyes opened, he was in custody of a hutt named Chuurgha Krul. At a relatively young age for a nikto slave, Kal had to learn quickly how to be useful to survive. A few more experienced nikto saw his plight, and offered to mentor him on how to be strong, quick, and above all, unassuming. Over his formative years, Kal honed his skills in service of his hutt master, and witnessed horrible torture, the selling of sentient beings as goods, and fighting/killing for enjoyment and sport. This wore on Kal’s spirit, and as he became more skilled, he felt increasingly led to help ease the pain of the poor objects of his profession, as he was once helped before.

Kal came into contact with quite a few wealthy individuals in his service, from whom stealing things like food, minor medical supplies, and cash/credits was a simple task. However, he made a conscious effort to steal only from those he saw as corrupt and heartless. In secret, Kal would share his spoils with the unfortunates he would soon be selling away, in a perhaps desperate, perhaps futile, but nonetheless sincere attempt to mollify their horrible situation. It seemed to work well; his deeds were greatly appreciated, and it made Kal, for once, feel like he was actually truly useful.

His sense of purpose grew until he began to devise a plan to free some prisoners set to be sold. However, due to an underestimation of Chuurgha’s power and his own relative inexperience in leadership, Kal was unsuccessful. The slaves were sold all the same, and Chuurgha became aware of Kal’s involvement. As a punishment, Kal was forced to witness the brutal executions of those older nikto slaves who had made him into who he was. He has never fully recovered from that event, and he may never still. It is also due to this trauma that Kal harbors a bitter prejudice toward all hutts, bordering on blind hatred.

Chuurgha needed to supplant his lost nikto slaves, and so new, already experienced niktos were traded in from other hutts and crime lords. A few of these new recruits inevitably discovered Kal’s previous mistake, and disapproved of his continued empathy for their merchandise. Kal knew this, and used his stealth to avoid interactions at all costs, and steal whatever he thought might be necessary to make a desperate escape, if need be.

Inevitably the problem persisted, and came to a head when fellow niktos caught Kal supplying prisoners. Explanations and pleas for compassion yielded only laughter and scorn, and Kal had to make a split-second decision to save his own life. In the ensuing firefight, many prisoners’ lives were lost, and a few fellow niktos killed or wounded, but Kal was able to escape with his life. However, his escape was unprecedentedly lucky, and as a consequence, Kal has suffered atrocious luck ever since.

By the time of his escape, Kal’s penchant for thievery had intensified into a kleptomania. Due to flashbacks of his friends’ deaths, hatred at his powerlessness to really save anyone but himself, and the ensuing guilt about his continued survival, Kal abhors all unnecessary death. By keeping all death for the sake of his survival at a minimum, and trying to fight corruption and evil in whatever way he can, Kal hopes to grab hold of some semblance of the worth he felt in his past.

Kal'nadaar Marishe

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