Marn Anderes

Ian's Character


I didn’t go into space until I was 26 you know. Growing up on Kordan, or any other core world for that matter means there’s always enough traders, aliens, and excitement to keep yourself amused, not that my family had the credits for transport offworld anyway. There’s something about seeing space for the first time once you’re that old that takes away the childhood fascination. It was a long time ago now, but I still remember the cold, the emptiness. Looking at my entire life, my entire world in a spec and realizing that every minute of it was absolutely meaningless. From our family just trying to scrape by, to my time at the university with Brax and Jan. All of our high-minded ideals, our plans to save the planet, to breathe new life into the galaxy. We were fools to believe we could change anything.

I was on my way out to Begeren when I finally saw the stars, a dead Sith world in the rim that was to be the site of my first real excavation. Projects in the core have always been hard to come by, but with the Imperials throwing credits around for sites in the rim, I could hardly refuse the chance to be part of a real expedition.

It was a cold desert world, littered with the temples and monuments of the long dead Sith Empire. In the interim millennia since their fall, the Republic had constructed a small outpost colony to serve as a staging ground for miners and looters alike to plunder the remains of the dead world. Since the war however, the outpost had been largely abandoned, but not before the vast majority of temples had been looted, and the colossal monuments stripped of their blue gemstone facades.

Our site however was located near the southern pole, one of the few Megalith statues left largely intact throughout the centuries. Led by a professor from Ganthel, our expedition made camp at the base of the statue, intending to break the seal into the lower structure and determine more about its construction and purpose. While the statue itself was far too corroded to determine who it was intended to represent, that it was a Sith Lord of some immense power seemed obvious given its visual prominence within the valley. It was the southern pole’s summer at the time, and with weeks and weeks of endless sunlight, the gemstone facade of the structure cast an immense glow over the valley, an eerie cerulean blue reflecting wildly off the surrounding grey and black cliffs.

As weeks of setbacks stalled our team the expedition leader, Rhodin Attan seemed to push us with an increasing urgency. He didn’t need to tell me twice though, you didn’t need to be a Jedi to know something was strange about this place, as if someone was whispering to you just out of earshot. When we finally reached the innermost chamber it took another four days just to drill through the final door. The whole time I couldn’t help feeling like the whispers were growing softer, warmer, promising to drown all your sadness, all your sorrows if only you’d let them. When the door caved and we entered the inner chamber, it was empty, as if nothing had ever been there, as if nothing could have ever been there, as if… even the space inside wasn’t really there. But why? What a waste. But, with no answers in sight, and no reason to stay any longer, we broke camp and left the next day, none too soon.

Despite the bust, Rhodin seemed content enough with the project, ‘credits are credits regardless of the outcome’. Said if I enjoyed this kind of work he could put me in contact with his employers at Sorosub. Originally I was to go home and meet up with Brax and Jannet (Jan) Delane, so we could enlist with a joint academic research group in the core, but I couldn’t help but feel that the core itself was hollow, at least out here there were things worth discovering. Still, as the years wore by my mind kept being drawn back to Begeren, what did we miss? What did we really find there?

Marn Anderes

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