Information and job broker in Nar Shaddaa


Runnan is a male Bothan of average height and size. He is well on in age – about 60 years old. He greets people with a small smile and a piercing gaze, hoping to avoid conflicts and peacefully do business. He normally wears rough, loose-fitting clothing with a light blaster on his hip. He can be found at his favorite booth at the Spicy Bothan with a slew of datapads and comlinks covering his table.


Runnan grew up on the streets of Nar Shaddaa. He worked with the Hutts at an early age as a negotiator, and spent most of his life brokering trade deals among Hutts and the types of people that work for the Hutts. Eventually earning enough money to retire, Runnan used his contacts from his work to setup a small, private, information brokering organization as a way to keep busy and meet new people. Normally found in the corner booth at the Spicy Bothan, he connects work with people looking to find work, connects sellers with potential buyers.


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