Owner of Zular's Scrap Shop in Nar Shadaa


Zular is a short, male human who is about 30 years old. While quite young to be a business owner, he is a prudent negotiator and a frugal businessman. Despite spending most of his time with customers, Zular can normally be found wearing his dusty mechanic’s jumpsuit with an array of tools on his belt.


Zular grew up on Corellia working in his father’s speeder and swoop shop. There, he found he had a knack for putting things together and for finding the value in apparent junk. After working under his father for many years, Zular decided to branch out and take his trade to the galaxy. At his first stop, Nar Shaddaa, he struck it big working contracts for the local law enforcement. After earning enough money to start his own business, Zular gave up the life of twisting hydrospanners and instead opened his own scrap shop, right near the market district of Nar Shaddaa.

Zular is friendly, trusting, and is good at navigating sales. He is fiercely loyal to his people and expects that same fierceness and hard-working attitude back from them. He tries to stay out of the politics and wars of the Hutts and the Empire, instead focusing on building a good business community and taking scrap from all who offer it.


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