Imperial Research Fund (IRF)

One of the hallmarks of Imperial authority has been its ability to maintain a military force that is not only unprecedented in size, but also substantially more technologically advanced than its Republic equivalent. In so doing, the Empire has been able to maintain the balance of galactic power sharply in its favor.

To thank for this is in large part the Imperial Research Fund or IRF. In what was considered at the time to be a relative footnote in Imperial politics, Emperor Palpatine, following the formation of the Empire and creation of the Imperial Senate passed a bill officially forming the IRF as the research arm of the new Empire. Funding was subsequently guaranteed as a percentage of gross federal revenues based on an amalgamation of floating economic indices.

With its headquarters on Coruscant, the IRF is currently headed by Dr. Lubov Daero. [[Dr. Lubov Daero | Dr. Lubov Daero]]

Since its inception, investments in the IRF have already paid substantial dividends, including advancements to hyper-drives, interdiction fields, ship designs, as well as within numerous other commercial and industrial fields. As such, with sustained funding increases in recent years, the IRF has begun expanding its capabilities via the financing of third party research organizations. By funding public projects deemed ‘beneficial’ to the Empire, the IRF aims to reach a broader knowledge and experience base, as well as (some critics have argued) gain tighter control over technological advancements made within imperial space. If true, the actions of the IRF would further cement the current Imperial monopoly on technology.

Notes: While unconfirmed, rumors indicate that Sorosub may be one such public firm supported by IRF funds, particularly in regard to the ICHA.

Imperial Research Fund (IRF)

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